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Yung Lung weave(huizhou)co.,ltd. is located in Changhua County, Taiwan Province. It is known as the “Taiwan Textile Kingdom” and has a mild climate and beautiful environment. It is also the largest textile town in Taiwan and has the reputation of “Hemei Textile”. They are well known both at home and abroad.


Founded in 1983, Taiwan Yonglong Factory supplies nylon webbing to the domestic and export markets. In 1995, he set up a factory in mainland China to establish Yonglong Weaving (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-funded enterprise.


Specializing in the production of various types of nylon webbing, jacquard webbing, special webbing, special tape, acrylic webbing, nylon hook and loop fastener, nylon round rope, nylon yarn, nylon twisted yarn, etc., high quality, low cost products.


Strong production capacity, real delivery time, consistent production equipment, institutionalized production management, standardized production process to serve customers with stable quality.


The products are well received and welcomed by customers in Hong Kong and China, and have been in existence for decades. At present, the company's products are exported to the European and American markets in addition to the mainland China and Hong Kong markets.