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What are the materials of the hook and loop fasteners?

1, nylon material


Nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft. Velcro is more suitable for use on clothing and is a very environmentally friendly material.


2, polyester material


It is easy to burn, and it produces black smoke. It is also accompanied by a pungent taste, a hard material and a rough hand.


3, polyester and nylon mixed material


Combining all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, it is not easy to burn and is very durable. The adhesive velcro is made of this material.


4, nylon A grade material


Very soft, often used as a close-fitting garment, and can also be used on the baby without causing skin damage.


5, not scratching material


There are mainly types of bristles that do not catch hair. Only the matte surface, the hooks are usually used with nylon A-grade materials, and are used in close-fitting clothes.


Different materials can be made into different Velcro, different materials, the use of Velcro is in line with environmental standards, customers can choose different types of Velcro according to their own requirements.